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Siemens’ Corporate Citizenship programme supports projects in the areas of skills development and education, as well as public welfare.

Investing in the engineers of tomorrow: Skills development through CSR

Mandela School of Science and Technology

The Mandela School of Science & Technology is giving young people the opportunity to improve the quality of life – not only for themselves, but for generations to come. It is located in Mvezo, a small village on the banks of the Mbashe River in the Eastern Cape. It is also the birthplace of Nelson Mandela. His lifelong dream to build a secondary school in the village of his birth is made possible by Siemens, the Mvezo Development Trust and the South African Department of Education.

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Technology will empower students with the knowledge and the skills to change their world. Siemens has provided the necessary funding and built the school. The Mvezo Development Trust, was set up by the Chief Nkosi Zwelivelile Mandela and a council of two headmen and representatives in order to bring economic development to the people of the community. The school was completed in January 2014 and has been turned over to the Department of Education and to the Mvezo village.

Over and above, Siemens provided state-of-the-art technology, such as water purification systems, environmental innovations and renewable energy technologies, to ensure the school is self-sufficient, sustainable and able to thrive even in a challenging environment. Through the use of green technologies to build and maintain the school, Siemens also aims to make a positive environmental impact on the Mvezo area.

Partner-school programme

The Siemens partner-school programme provides a platform for the company to partner with selected schools and provide assistance across a broad range of areas.

Working closely with the Department of Education, Ingqayizivele High School in Tembisa was selected as a partner school in 2006. The school’s most pressing needs were identified and Siemens has replaced desks and chairs, upgraded the school security system, purchased science and laboratory equipment and provided improved stationery. Furthermore, Siemens offers part time tuition to both students and teachers in areas such as human resources and computer skills. Students are also given guidance on how to apply for bursaries and other tertiary training. The programme offers tangible and sustainable long-term improvement in the learning environment for the almost 1,600 learners and 47 educators at Ingqayizivele.

Siemens donated a total of 84 desktop computers to four primary schools in Gauteng valued at just over half a million Rand. These computers are supporting in the educational development of more than 3,500 learners at Skansdam Farm Primary School in Vereeninging and Endulwini Primary, Sedibeng Primary and Entshonalanga Primary in Tembisa. The provision of computers was a welcome addition to the science equipment donated by Siemens to three primary schools in Tembisa in 2010.

Experimento – the Siemens Stiftung’s international educational project

With Experimento, the Siemens Stiftung (Foundation) in Germany has developed an international training concept that puts into practise the principle of discovery-based learning. Apart from instructions and materials, the main principle of Experimento is the application-oriented training courses for educators and teachers. Experimento helps educators to motivate learners in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The experiment kits cover all aspects of energy, the environment and health; thus tackling relevant global challenges such as the greenhouse effect, renewable energies and the provision of clean drinking water. South Africa is the first pilot country to use the Experimento kits for learners aged from 10 to 18 years.

Skills Development Experimentokit

Ambassador Programme

Siemens partners with the electrical and electronic engineering faculties of the majority of the key tertiary institutions across the country. Bursaries are awarded to top performing students, with a special focus on those from previously disadvantaged backgrounds, to study engineering. We also contribute to the further development of these faculties through the purchase of laboratory equipment to aid and improve the learning experience. In all cases, a Siemens “ambassador” is appointed to engage with these tertiary institutions and facilitate the transfer of industry best practice and knowledge to the students.

Public Welfare


The Siemens Youthspace home is a safe haven that provides shelter, nourishment, education and the prospect of a secure future for many young girls and boys, from the humble beginnings in Hillbrow- Johannesburg, during 1995 the Youthspace project has been expanded with houses bought, equipped, furnished and staffed in the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal. Supported by Siemens staff and contributions from the Corporate Social Responsibility fund, Youthspace offers a home under the supervision of a caregiver who makes sure the children are well fed that their physical, mental and spiritual needs are taken care of.

Partnering with non-profit welfare organisations, the company strongly believes it is making a tangible difference in the lives of those children living in a Youthspace house. Through this initiative we are able to provide a long term sustainable future for many children who suffered extreme hardship and deprivation.

Employee Volunteerism

While Siemens believes in corporate philanthropy because it benefits society, we also encourage employees to contribute, with the result that staff volunteerism both in terms of time and money is a growing trend. This serves to create a positive influence inside and outside the work environment, as staff who become involved in the service of those less fortunate than themselves bring these experiences back into the workplace and have a brighter outlook on life.

Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility (CSR) Competence Centre

In partnership with the GIZ, the South African –German Chamber of Commerce and seven other German companies, Siemens is one of the founding members of the Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility (CSR) Competence Centre. The CSR Competence Centre provides advisory and support services to member companies, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), business associations and governmental institutions. The Centre will strengthen the social and ecological impact of CSR activities of participating companies. To accomplish this objective, the centre will improve the co-ordination and information exchange between participants on CSR strategies and systems; develop a project platform for project related collaboration and joint implementation; develop an advisory service for implementation of CSR Projects as well as strengthen the voice of the companies in CSR.


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