Industrial services for security systems, energy optimization and maintenance

Whether for energy optimization consulting, plant monitoring, spare parts management, or access control and security systems – manufacturing companies require comprehensive service offerings customized to their specific needs.

New developments in plant technology will not be enough to help companies become more efficient. Intelligent lifecycle services however, offer added value to customers today. This means quick service with comprehensive on-site support. But it also entails ongoing service, which means sustained maintenance and predictive upgrades of existing facilities.

The modular service portfolio SIMAIN encompasses all the technical services necessary for a customized maintenance and modernization strategy that takes business requirements into account. SIMAIN is also able to optimize the maintenance and modernization processes and perform all the maintenance tasks: Asset management, spare-parts management, expert implementation management, or coaching for process integration. We offer a long-term partnership to tap into immediate and ongoing improvement potential. Our unique benchmarking tool compares a company’s performance with sector and industry standards.

The Lumwana Copper Mine in Zambia is a good example of first-line maintenance service. Siemens has equipped the mine with the entire in-pit electrical infrastructure, including gearless mill drives and systems for open-cast mine haulage trucks. The equipment – together with a 24-hour remote-service agreement – ensures reduced energy consumption and 99 percent availability, which saves the mine both fuel and capital costs.

All the electrical equipment at the Lumwana Copper Mine in Zambia has been developed, built, installed, and commissioned by Siemens.

Avoiding unnecessary costs with energy optimization

Siemens also offers a totally process-oriented range of industrial services for sustainably reducing energy costs and optimizing maintenance processes. Working with the customer’s specialists, selective analyses are employed to increase process transparency, identify areas of improvement, and conduct business assessments.

When it comes to energy optimization and improving energy efficiency in industrial plants, Siemens evaluates all forms of energy – electrical, mechanical, and thermal energy – as well as all of the primary energy carriers in use such as oil, gas, and water. The service process is organized into four phases:

Checking energy management is the first phase in the service process.

Siemens is currently working on the world’s largest modernization project for I&C systems at a coal-fired power plant in South Africa. The modernization measures will make the power plant more reliable and easier to operate, while at the same time reducing the maintenance and life-cycle costs, thus enhancing efficiency levels.

Industrial security systems and services

More and more industrial companies are being confronted with problems and faults that require IT security management and measures. Networks between production facilities and offices increase the risk of viruses, Trojans, and other unauthorized access from outside or inside the network. Our Plant IT Security Service helps find appropriate and effective strategies that will reliably protect industrial plants against IT attacks.

Access control and other network components offering security features

Increasing the safety of industrial networks with our integrated security functions

Industrial security cannot be achieved through products and security systems alone. As a partner to industry, we can provide companies with extensive support in the area of security management – from the initial planning steps through the implementation and operation of a customized solution to the updating of this solution. Siemens takes the required measures against every conceivable threat scenario, and plans comprehensive security solutions for maximum protection. Whether plants want to protect their existing knowledge or exclude unauthorized access to automation processes from the outset – we will support them with our comprehensive industrial security services.

An example of industrial security solutions is the integrated security system for the Impala Platinum Mine in South Africa. Working in conjunction with Impala’s security specialists, Siemens engineered a fully integrated security solution for the exposed mine, incorporating 61 process-monitoring cameras, 18-channel digital video recorders, and access control systems with cards manufactured on the premises.

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The Future of Manufacturing in South Africa

The Future of Manufacturing

From October 27-28, 2014, Siemens hosted an event in Johannesburg focused on the future of manufacturing in South Africa.

The Future of Manufacturing in South Africa

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