Saving energy with the right electric motors and industrial drives

As much as 70 percent of all energy used in industrial facilities is consumed by electric motors and drives. This demonstrates the importance of using energy-efficient drives.

Drives from Siemens are designed to conserve resources. Across the bandwidth from 100 W to 120 MW, we are the only provider worldwide to offer comprehensive industrial expertise in conjunction with a wide range of products for the entire drive train. This includes gears, couplings, frequency converters, and industry-, country- or customer-specific motors as well as explosion-proof motors that meet the highest safety requirements. All components use our open system architecture Totally Integrated Automation – ensuring perfect interaction, maximum productivity, efficiency, and reliability.

High-efficiency asynchronous motors

High-efficiency asynchronous motors from Siemens are available throughout efficiency classes IE2 and IE3.

The most comprehensive range of electric motors

Siemens has combined all its electric motors into one product family: SIMOTICS. The range encompasses low-voltage induction motors, motors for motion control applications, DC motors, and high-voltage motors. They are all characterized by high load tolerance, power density, compact design, and a high degree of protection. Premium-efficiency IE3 motors offer up to ten percent more efficiency than conventional IE1 motors. The payback period for the extra costs associated with higher efficiency motors is remarkably short – typically six to twenty-four months.

The right frequency converter for every drive application

The use of frequency converters in unregulated drives makes it possible to cut energy consumption by up to 50 percent. Our products range from basic drives to dynamic servo drives for motion control to medium-voltage drives, plus custom solutions. SINAMICS, the world’s largest drives family, is the backbone of our offering, in addition to our portfolio of MICROMASTER, SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES, and ROBICON Perfect Harmony frequency converters. Our drives share a unified operating concept: Their components can all be easily integrated into specific industrial environments. All drives are suitable for mechanical and plant engineering, the process industry, and building technology.

ROBICON Perfect Harmony drives system

According to energy authorities, industrial motors and drives consume over a billion kilowatt hours of energy each year. System enhancements such as improved dimensions and proper matching-to-load, more efficient drive trains, and adjustable-speed drives, will force drive energy usage down dramatically. Siemens was approached by South Africa’s power utility to supply and commission both medium- and low-voltage drives for the Limestone, Terrace, and Stockyard Materials handling project. The solution delivered was the ROBICON Perfect Harmony drives system, which is custom-designed to meet the most demanding applications.

Gear units

Siemens was commissioned by one of the world’s largest mining companies, the South African-based mining group Exxaro, to supply its FLENDER power-pack range. The power-pack included the supply of Siemens IE2 electric motors, flexible high-speed couplings, Siemens’ FLENDER bevel helical gear units, rigid flange couplings, baseplates, and coupling guards to Exxaro’s specification. The entire power pack was supplied from a single source, which means that it was complemented by a full after-sales and service component.


Even more savings are possible by integrating the drive chain into customer applications as an integral part of Totally Integrated Automation (TIA). Achieving maximum energy efficiency requires an integrated solution that encompasses the entire drive train. After all, 60 percent of the energy savings accomplished through state-of-the-art energy-efficiency applications can be attributed to the intelligent combination of components, not to the components themselves.

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