Medical supplies and healthcare infrastructure

Medical equipment from Siemens helps doctors and hospitals provide their patients with optimal therapy and the best possible healthcare in Africa’s cities, as well as in rural areas.

Hospital equipment in South Africa

In many larger African cities, medical centers and hospitals, stocked with ample medical supplies, are nothing out of the ordinary. South African cities in particular offer their citizens first-class healthcare and cutting-edge medical equipment and technology from Siemens helps them do it. The Netcare Sunward Park hospital in Boksburg, for example, has positioned itself as a center of cardiovascular excellence with the help of Artis zeego. This state-of-the-art hospital equipment is the first angiography system that uses industrial robotics. Artis zeego allows cardiologists and vascular surgeons to analyze interior organs more precisely and much more easily than before. And thanks to a patient archive computer system, the resulting diagnostic images can be stored and shared with other Netcare hospitals with a cardiovascular division.

Hospital equipment Artis zeego

Hospital equipment Artis zeego

In early 2012, the private hospital operator Life Healthcare also installed Siemens’ Artis zeego – setting up its first hybrid operating theater at Life Flora Clinic in Johannesburg. Used for vascular and cardiothoracic work, this state-of-the-art hospital equipment allows the clinic’s specialists to handle more complex surgical cases and increases patient safety.

Medical equipment for higher efficiency

While the initial financing costs necessary to acquire the latest technology and medical supplies is often an issue in healthcare, using modern medical equipment can lead to considerably lower operational costs. The laboratory automation system that Siemens provided for Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital is a good example. The ADVIA LabCell uses advanced laboratory robotics and state-of-the-art pre- and post-analytical systems. It enables greater productivity and value-added efficiency, thus reducing costs while improving patient care at the same time.

Medical supplies: a mobile medical laboratory for Ethiopia

Medical supplies for Ethiopia

Healthcare in rural areas

While hospitals in big cities focus on top-quality medical care, clinicians in rural areas face different challenges. They need pragmatic, cost-effective solutions when it comes to delivering medical supplies and providing their patients with basic healthcare. For remote areas without hospitals, healthcare on wheels can be a lifesaving alternative. An example of this is the mobile medical laboratory that Siemens installed in Ethiopia as part of the corporate responsibility project “Energy for Life”. Based in a trailer-borne container with its own power source, the lab provides doctors with the necessary medical supplies to administer first aid, as well as to perform blood and urine tests.

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Diagnostics with the MAGNETOM Avanto

Healthcare diagnostics

Our performance-driven solutions for radiology, ultrasound, and other diagnostic technologies provide effective ways to assist in the diagnosis, monitoring, and management of diseases.

Healthcare diagnostics
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