Healthcare financing

Our best-in-class financing solutions enable healthcare professionals to use state-of-the-art hospital equipment that increases access to quality healthcare in Africa and around the globe.
Healthcare financing

Siemens offers best-in-class healthcare financing solutions

Healthcare financing solutions

Growing financial pressure is one of the major challenges healthcare providers face. Implementing rental, usage, leasing, or rent-to-buy programs make it possible to invest in quality healthcare technology without burdening the budget. Siemens offers healthcare financing solutions that enable even small, private practice physicians and hospitals to use state-of-the-art medical supplies and medical equipment. Our healthcare financing solutions can be tailored to meet a diverse range of requirements. They can also be flexibly adjusted to the changing economic health of hospitals, medical centers, or doctor’s offices, with higher payments and shorter terms during favorable economic times and lower payments and longer terms when more financial liquidity is needed. Some healthcare financing solutions are directed primarily at the provision of medical equipment. Maintenance costs and the cost of replacing worn parts, along with insurance, can also be included in the payments.

Public Private Partnership in Johannesburg

Public Private Partnerships (PPP) can be an attractive option for meeting the ever-growing challenges in healthcare. The requirements of each hospital can vary considerably, so Siemens delivers customized solutions for healthcare financing to help ensure that individual needs are met. With our PPP, we deliver tailored, turnkey solutions for medical equipment. By working in close partnership with clinicians and other front-line medical staff, we are able to offer them access to state-of-the-art medical systems and healthcare services.

Netcare Sunninghill Hospital

PPP in healthcare: the Netcare Sunninghill Hospital

The Netcare Sunninghill Hospital in Johannesburg is a good example of a public private partnership in healthcare. In the pediatric cardiology unit at the hospital, privately insured patients are treated alongside publically insured patients. They receive the same level of care with the same modern medical equipment and hospital equipment, including ultrasound systems from Siemens. This exceptional project helps heal the hearts of the hospital’s youngest patients.

Refurbished medical equipment

Refurbished systems are an indirect way of providing financing. Particularly in poorer countries, they can make quality healthcare more affordable. Siemens Healthcare refurbishes used medical equipment and hospital equipment and guarantees their quality under the “Proven Excellence” seal. Most of the medical equipment derives from the upgrade programs used by Siemens Healthcare customers.

SMART products for better healthcare

Customers in emerging countries often have different needs than customers in industrialized countries. In particular, they need affordable healthcare technologies with robust basic functionality, or in other words, SMART healthcare products. SMART stands for simple, maintenance-friendly, affordable, reliable, and timely-to-market. SMART products meet Siemens' global quality standards and are provided at an attractive price.

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Medical supplies

Medical equipment from Siemens helps doctors and hospitals provide their patients with optimal therapy and the best possible healthcare.

Medical supplies
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