Smart grid and energy transmission

Higher energy efficiency in Africa is possible with smart grids combined with renewable energy sources like the wind and the sun, the use of wind turbines, as well as modern energy transmission and distribution.

Energy-saving transmission and distribution

Siemens‘ portfolio of products and solutions for power transmission covers high-voltage transmission solutions, high-voltage switching products and systems, and innovative direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC) transmission systems. Turnkey substations and power transformers complete the spectrum. Siemens power distribution combines medium-voltage components and systems, power automation solutions, and services for power equipment and networks.

Siemens leads the power transmission market and has successfully completed more than 40 HVDC projects over the past 30 years. With a transmission voltage of 800 kV, transmission costs are 25 percent lower than with a conventional line. Another Siemens innovation is the HVDC PLUS technology. It is particularly suitable for providing stable and low-loss grid connections with renewable energy sources.

Siemens has completed more than 40 HVDC projects over the last 30 years.

Siemens has completed more than 40 HVDC projects over the last 30 years.

High performance with switchgear

Siemens supplies gas-insulated and air-insulated high-voltage, medium-voltage, and low-voltage switchgear. All Siemens switchgear is characterized by high performance and reliability which results in energy efficiency. Switchgear is easy to maintain and space saving. In South Africa Siemens was awarded the Kusile electrical and auxiliary construction project in Mpumalanga province. The scope of work includes the installation of all lighting, earthing, cable and racking equipment as well as all terminals required to commission the plant and its units. In addition, the project includes the storage and installation of equipment such as low-voltage (LV) and medium-voltage (MV) switchgear, auxiliary power transformers, and direct current (DC) system UPS.

Siemens offers innovative medium-voltage components and systems, efficient solutions for energy automation, and services for electrical systems and networks. The company’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Northriding, Johannesburg, produces high-quality medium-voltage switchgear systems. It adds local value by creating jobs and promoting skills development.

Efficient transformers are an essential precondition for reliable electricity supply. Siemens provides transformers in compliance with high-quality standards and state-of-the-art technology. The portfolio includes transformers for power plants, voltage transformation substations, electric power substations and high-voltage direct-current (HVDC) transmission systems. Moreover, Siemens produces special transformers for industry and transport.

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Renewable energy

Renewable energy

Renewables like wind power are the sources for environmentally friendly and resource-conserving power generation.

Renewable energy
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