Power supply and access

Energy efficiency in Africa
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Power supply and access

Siemens provides reliable and sustainable energy supply and access along the entire energy conversion chain. The company successfully completed various projects to provide electricity to rural regions in Eritrea and Mozambique.

Reliable and sustainable power supply and access

The rapidly growing global population is increasingly dependent on efficient and reliable energy solutions. Whether in offices or industry, in medicine or education, in transportation, entertainment or in private households – energy is the basis for a growing number of human activities. And it is the lifeblood and prerequisite for a good working eco+nomy. Reliable and sustainable power supply and access cannot be taken for granted. As the global demand for energy soars, the need for secure supply and access will grow steadily. Siemens answers these demands by providing maximum supply and access security throughout the world.

Power supply for rural regions in Eritrea and Mozambique

Another electricity project was realized by Siemens in rural Mozambique. There, the company was awarded a contract for the rehabilitation of the electricity networks of Nampula and Nacala in the northern part of the country. The contract included improvements to the quality of all existing medium-voltage and low-voltage networks, the construction of new networks in order to strengthen the overall power supply, and the reconnection of 2,000 consumers. Siemens installed 33-kV and 11-kV lines as well as a series of transformers and substations in between.

Power supply in rural regions
Siemens provides reliable power supply even in rural regions and under difficult conditions.